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Do you want to understand your customers like never before?

Managing a website or digital marketing campaign without studying its analytics or monitoring visitor behavior patterns is like trying to reach a destination without directions. You never know if you have arrived to the right place.

Your company generates a universe of data that can be collected using various tools. However, you may need help defining what data maps to your own goals to track the progress of your actions.

The integration of the most current tools in web traffic analysis will allow you to obtain rich perspectives on the flow of organic users and those coming from advertising campaigns.

Web Analytics

How Web Analytics facilitates decision-making in the medium term

Online Traffic Analytics

In today’s world, each and every one of us leaves a digital trail with every click, and being able to accurately measure these patterns is a critical part of maintaining effective marketing strategies that help make the right decisions.

At Artistica Studios we are experts in managing Google Marketing Platform accounts (Google Analytics and Tag Manager) and other complementary tools that will allow you to know in real time the geographical location of your visitors, the most visited pages, the keywords that generate the most traffic and the time your visitors spend reading your content, among many other factors.

Now you can extract all of this information from your website accurately and quickly to help you make data-driven marketing changes and improvements. Instead of making a risky assumption about your next campaign, look at your data to find the best one.

Do you need to analyze your web metrics with clear and precise KPIs?

Contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

How we develop your traffic analysis Dashboards

At Artistica Studios we can conduct custom research to create the right dashboard that meets your marketing goals.

The research and analysis solutions we offer include fact-based decision making through qualitative and quantitative research.

We help define your KPIs and goals along with the metrics that affect them, helping you identify and document your ideal marketing and analytics dashboard.

The resulting measurement plan will be a reference document and strategy to help you focus on what matters, and will be used later in the installation and configuration phase of the toolkit.

At Artistica Studios we generate knowledge for innovation through the behavior of your customers, as well as their experience and omnichannel analysis, discovering key attributes that will help drive the purchase.

We also measure the impact value of your client’s trajectory to identify those positioning opportunities that can become a competitive advantage over your competition.

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