Mobile-first Design

Have you noticed that the majority of your online traffic comes from mobile devices?

The increasing use of smartphones and tablets has changed the online landscape and, today, there are more people browsing from mobile devices than from desktops or laptops.

Your customers are also using these devices to reach your business and it is in your power to give them the best possible experience.

This means that your website must have a flexible design that provides a smooth user experience from any device, but it is still surprising how often the initial design is raised for desktop computers first and for other devices later.

Mobile-first Design

It is almost always a mistake. While what we see on a Mac screen can be beautiful and impress a customer, what works for a user on a mobile screen is what we really need to consider.

Let’s face it: mobile phone and tablet are the new TVs, and that’s why we’ll make sure your website remains relevant on small screens so it doesn’t end up like a dusty old vinyl record in the garage.

How a Mobile-first design will improve your user experience

The standard operating procedure for most web development projects is to first design an interface for the desktop screen.

Mobile-first Web

Then it’s about figuring out how it should adapt to smaller screens to deliver an equivalent experience on mobile devices. This is often called “responsive design”.

The mobile-first design is something different. It means starting with design on mobile devices and then asking what can be added as we move towards larger screens.

In other words, mobile-first design starts from the ground up and is the result of the effort to initially think about what matters to your target audience and what doesn’t, in such a way that it ends up benefiting the user experience on any screen.

During that initial design process, we took a few other approaches that help ensure that everything we create is as effective and user-friendly as possible on the small screen.

At Artistica Studios we have the knowledge, sensitivity and tools to develop specific mobile sites that adapt to the latest device and operating system, and so that no potential customer ends up on competing platforms.

Our work in Mobile-first Page design

Take a look at our creative portfolio to see how we help enhance our clients’ image with professional design.

How we develop your Mobile-first Web design

Our approach to mobile-first design is, in fact, an extension of the strategy that places the user at the center of the design process.

If the user, or at least a large number of them, access the website from a mobile device, we will design it from the beginning to ensure that their experience is the best possible.

When designing for multiple channels, we take the time to specifically understand the requirements of the mobile user. This is important.

Understanding common behaviors is the foundation of any project, but common behaviors for a mobile user and a desktop user may not be the same, even when that visitor is the same person.

Once we understand it, we will have a clear direction to create our mobile-first design. We will also have an idea of what needs to be added and how the priorities in desktop layout should change.

We design the functional structure that your site requires and we build a dynamic and optimized interface with the guarantee that it will be displayed on a smartphone in the same way as it will on a tablet.

Technologies we recommend:

Do you need specific pages to cover your mobile traffic?

Contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

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