Our working method

It is very simple.

Our work process is based on relationships because they are the basis of all experience.

Analyzing, understanding and working on your brand guarantees us your loyalty and trust. For this reason, you will find that working with us is easy from the beginning because for years we have been striving to optimize our working method based on continued synergies with our clients.

That is why we spend time getting to know you and your audience. We believe that it is the only way to create projects that allow you to effectively communicate your message and help you interact with your users in a positive way.

At Artistica Studios we have built a dynamic method that we constantly try to improve, innovate and find new ways of doing things to offer the most complete services.

Work Method

We will help you choose the most appropriate medium for your dissemination and our process will consist of working from your content to transform it into a design aimed at your audience.

This is the formula to create success for our clients! At Artistica Studios we develop solutions focused on the communication challenges of each company.

How we decide the right services for your project

We highly recommend investing in a comprehensive online marketing strategy that links a variety of services in each discipline.

Today, consumers love to switch from one platform to another during their shopping journey, so it will be imperative for you and your business to employ a variety of channels and actions such as SEO, PPC, email, video … or all those avenues that allow you to show yourself at the right time and place.

Let us know about your business and your clients to immerse us in the acquisition process, and thus determine the best digital marketing actions that can be carried out.

Acquisition Funnel

The 6-step working method

Working Method Icons



It all starts with you. We are not the type of people who think we know better.

It’s your business and no one knows it better than you, and that’s why we’d like to start by learning about your company, your product, and your audience.

This process may take a while but it will create a relationship of trust and speed up the work in the medium term.

The more information we have to start with, the faster we will be back and the easier it will be to create exactly what you need.




Through a study of the competition, your target audience and market activity, we identify trends about your business.

By gaining a complete understanding of your model and clearly defining your objective and posture, we will be able to create a strong personality for your brand and prospect new opportunities.




Now this is getting interesting.

We have learned about you, we have a ton of information, and we can start to efficiently build a space for guessing.

The assumptions are costly and time consuming. We don’t like that.

Once fully immersed in your brand, we begin to design the architecture of the objectives and actions that will define user behavior, communication strategy and content.

By creating a user flow diagram, wireframes and technical requirements, we get a solid roadmap to clearly define your project.




With the strategy defined, our creative process begins with the formation of an attractive idea with a captivating design that will immerse your clients.

Our design process introduces several phases and concepts, with a variety of options design that will be optimized to the final solution.

A well-designed job is more than just good looks: it’s about communication, ease of use, and the audience’s need to interact.

Not only do we artistically use our design skills to create something beautiful, we also maintain our high standards of quality control every step of the way.




After the design, we begin the construction and development phase. With a vision of the future and with the latest technologies in mind, we bring your idea to life.

During this phase, content management systems or any other tools and applications that are defined in the project scope.

What matters is what people make of your business, not what you think of it.

The real payoff comes when relationships are formed between you and your product, between your product and your audience, and between you and us.




This is the best part, spreading the work to the world. We call this liberation because we believe it is the key to growth.

Trust your product and the good things will start to happen. It will make your daily work easier and your audience will respond positively.

Before launch, we connect the goal with your audience. Long-term strategies are the only way to approach the public to obtain the desired growth and success.

We prefer to build a long professional relationship and continue working with our clients for many years.


Clients who have trusted our work

Throughout many years, and through our participatory approach, we have provided services to very small and very large organizations, actively collaborating in the process and development of their communication projects.

Do you need to improve your corporate communication?

Contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

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