Catalog Design

Do you need a winning catalog to set yourself apart from your competition?

Contrary to what you may have heard, catalogs are still a solid way to boost a company’s business initiatives.

Today, catalog design has evolved in such a way that it perfectly meets the 21st century marketing and design inspirations, with unique and visually stunning results that deserve to be treated as art.

Consider this: The catalog and informational brochure are still two of the most popular pieces of marketing that customers receive in their homes and offices.

Catalog Design

People lend themselves to perusing a brilliantly designed catalog in the same way that they peruse a well-written magazine.

Similarly, consumers around the world take them when they leave stores attracted by the photographs of their favorite products.

The catalog and the brochure are often the first thing a customer sees when opening a package, or what invites us to buy even at the final point of sale.

That is why it remains one of the most powerful tools in your marketing kit to showcase your products and services and spread your brand.

How a Catalog will become your best source of sales

Your catalog is the direct representation of your company in the hands of the client and, for that reason, it must be up to the task.

Catalog Creation

To achieve this, a successful catalog design requires extensive knowledge of layout principles, facing page design, printing techniques, and artistic flair for a memorable visual presentation.

If there has ever been an aspect of marketing that should not be neglected, that is the catalog. Eye-catching design, crisp layout, compelling and engaging images, and impeccable organization are the cornerstones of an exceptional catalog design.

Well-developed catalog design often finds a place on a home or office coffee table. It stays for weeks, sometimes months after the initial sale.

In other words, a brilliantly crafted catalog design can turn your client into one of your best advertising tools.

Think of it this way: your catalog is like your best seller. It is better to dress for success and accurately represent the high level of quality of your products or services.

Our work in Catalog design

Take a look at our creative portfolio to see how we help enhance our clients’ image with professional design.

How we develop the design of your Catalog

A boring and directionless design will become a sales killer.

The catalogs that are offered may sometimes not be relevant to the consumer’s life and end up in the recycling bins. After all, consumers are generally unaware of the cues that drive them to throw away or keep a catalog.

But there are two particular key elements that virtually all consumers can explain in simple terms about why a catalog design may or may not attract a purchase: the photos and the colors. In other words, the design.

When these essential components of catalog design are boring or lacking in direction, it doesn’t matter how high the quality of your product or service is. The client’s imagination is not stimulated.

Consumers do not imagine your product in their own home or visualize how it will improve their lives, that is why our goal is to design a unique and effective catalog, with accessible information for your client and that facilitates the sale.

From header layout to master page layout, we create elegant layouts with a strategy to increase demand, build customer relationships, and help convert users into repeat buyers.

Every detail is important. The design of the catalog must be as unique and specialized as the products it represents and, for that reason, at Artistica Studios we have developed a robust and experienced method to create functional designs.

From art direction, product photography, production or optimization to the exact specifications of your print files, we will create a quality piece that you will be proud to put in the hands of your customers.

Catalog Development

Do you need to retain your customers and boost sales?

Contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

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