Social Media Advertising «SMA»

Did you know that social platforms are more than just a place to interact with your consumers?

Social media advertising campaigns provide unique advantages compared to traditional pay-per-click (PPC) options on Google.

The SMA will open ways to expand your audience in a completely new way as it allows you to target the user and not the search terms used.

Social Networks Advertising

People increasingly rely on social media to make purchasing decisions and companies use it to publicize their brands and provide customers with an additional communication mechanism.

If you haven’t created and integrated your social profiles to build a digital presence, your brand is falling behind in the race.

With Artistica Studios you will reach your audience instantly and you will be able to measure the reach of the message with your advertising campaigns.

Gain control. Get conversions. A social media advertising campaign will open a new window to reach your audience and give you more control to spread a message designed to inspire action.

How Social Media Advertising will expand your online community

Social media profiles are an incredible way to increase your multiple contact channels, and the advertising solutions they offer will make it easy to build a community around your brand.

Advertising on Social Platforms

While it can be slow to generate followers organically, we have experience building digital communities through a combination of advertising and content generation.

Keep in mind that a single content approach for all platforms will not produce successful results in today’s social landscape.

Because users interact with each social network differently, we design creatives that align with the role of each platform, writing the optimal message and selecting the best ad format, be it a photo, video, carousel, story, link or canvas ad.

In addition, with Artistica Studios, you can also have the power of analytics on social media.

Our social media advertising team focuses on ad performance, modifying and adjusting campaigns based on collected data and providing detailed reports so that you can understand exactly how effective your ad campaigns are on each of the social networks.

Our work in Advertising design for Social media

Take a look at our creative portfolio to see how we help enhance our clients’ image with professional design.

How we develop your Advertising campaigns on Social media

Our first step in developing a social media advertising strategy is to understand who your brand is targeting, your business goals, and the platforms to use.

We obtain this information through the analytics of each platform together with third-party tools that review the content and performance of the competition.

Using these various data sources we develop a solid profile of the audience’s personality that allows us to understand what messages to send, when and where, and offers us a full spectrum of options that will allow you to target specific geographic areas, age ranges, groups gender, people with a particular interest and much more.

Social Media Advertising

Once the campaign is activated, we implement our test strategy optimizing performance in real time and allocating the budget between ads and platforms as we see that the key messages work well and reach the predefined indicators in the business objectives.

Our tests cover performance by platform, audience, ad type, device, and tiers, giving us not only a strong picture of how the campaign is evolving, but more importantly, full spend transparency.

Advertising SMA

Ultimately, social media advertising allows you to increase conversions, gain followers, promote awareness, increase engagement, and drive traffic to your website immediately.

Our social media advertising team is trained to design, create and execute advertising campaigns on a wide variety of platforms and, with that objective, we apply the best advertising practices required in the main social networks to generate optimal results for our clients.

Platforms we recommend:
Social Media Ads Icons

Do you need your ad campaign to go beyond ad serving?

Contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

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