Technical SEO Integration

Do you know if your content is optimized correctly?

Some say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but that’s because they have never tried to rank content in an organic search.

The truth is, for our purposes, the beauty lies in the interpretation of Google’s machine learning program, and later in the eyes of the target audience.

Search engines depend on the relevance of a topic and authority to rank a page. That means a few things are important:

SEO Integration

Integrating technical SEO into your content is generally a completely different algorithm conversation than with an end user, and most technical SEO factors are issues that reside in content integration.

That is why they should be treated delicately, and most importantly, correct them before starting the final indexing.

How SEO Integration will make your content more visible to the algorithm

There are some technical considerations specifically related to the content of individual pages and it would be remiss to ignore them.

We must pay special attention to details such as <alt> tags in images, rich snippets in links, calculation of keyword densities, or even the optimization of images and multimedia files among many other factors.

Don’t hesitate and get all your cards on the table as quickly as possible. It all starts with keywords, and verifying their use will be the way to investigate the user’s search intent.

We’re not talking about figuring out which keywords apply to the content in question, but examining how those keywords are being used in the context of that content.

It was never a good idea to over-optimize a web page with a disproportionate number of keywords, because not only is it ineffective, it is also dangerous.

At Artistica Studios we can Google thousands of terms, study tens of thousands of results, test our own hypotheses, and generate a list of features that are likely to be attractive to Google.

Want to take your existing content optimization to the next level?

Contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

How we develop SEO Integration in your content

Technical SEO

When we optimize a web page, we start with a spreadsheet with your sitemap, metadata, header tags, and a few more things.

Then we run keyword research to identify the best possible variations of those keywords, topics, and even common questions that your customers may be searching on Google.

By assigning them to the content that best fits, we can focus on optimizing each individual page organically taking advantage of all the technical resources available today.

Start your SEO content journey by putting all the factors together from the beginning. If you’re working with a content marketing strategy that didn’t start with SEO research, we recommend that you start over.

When the wheels and the engine start together, it goes on a much smoother ride.

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