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Who would not like to appear in the first organic positions of Google?

If you are looking to build a long-term brand presence for your business, search engine SEO and content marketing should become your priority.

SEO is the most effective practice to index a website and the one that makes the job of search engines as easy as possible.

Its main objective is to increase web traffic with an increase in organic rankings in search engines, which will show the results classified by a complex algorithm that includes factors such as trust, authority and relevance for a keyword.

These listings represent the majority of online search traffic and it is estimated that the top position gets 33% of the total traffic for a specific search.

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How Web Optimization will increase your Google Ranking

While it is true that an SEO strategy requires significant effort, our methodology helps companies understand their audience in a complete way.

Search Engine Optimization SEO

We know that search engine optimization is the method that provides the highest long-term ROI of any online marketing channel.

All this with the necessary analytical tools to visualize, control and generate reports on who is viewing your website, which pages are the most viewed and how users got there, among many other data.

At Artistica Studios we cannot guarantee that you will end up on the first page of Google searches, but we can take all necessary measures to ensure that your website is highly visible and understandable to search engines.

This will mean that based on time, good content and a lot of love, your company will increase its visibility among your audience, increase visits and improve Google’s Page Rank.

Do you have an excellent website but no one can find it?

Contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

How we develop your SEO positioning strategy

SEO architecture allows companies to use many different methods to gain presence in organic rankings.

Our process includes proven techniques that begin with the implementation of vital tracking tools to monitor how search engines view your site.

Next, we focus on comprehensive keyword research and technical optimization of your site. Finally, content marketing, distribution and outreach takes place to ensure that your site becomes an important part of your industry ecosystem.

As search engines index your website in terms of presence and popularity, it is important that your site is linked to as many popular sites as possible.

This will not only increase your rank but will also encourage other users to use your website through those links.

This backlinking technique will increase traffic and improve the authority that Google assigns to each page on the Internet, in addition to helping the natural SEO positioning in the results pages.

We have a strong background and experience in website optimization and can find the keywords that best represent your business. Words that your target audience uses regularly in searches and that allow you to stand out from the competition.

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Haga que su sitio web se mantenga en plena forma.

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Optimice sus contenidos existentes de manera correcta.

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Aproveche el marketing de contenidos para ampliar su alcance.

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Haga que sus compradores le encuentren en las búsquedas locales.

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