eMail Marketing Design and Management

Are you taking full advantage of the opportunities that email marketing offers you?

From all the digital marketing channels available, email provides the highest return on investment.

This is one of the most efficient ways to connect with your target audience, establish stable relationships, and convert users into leads.

Faced with the current hypersensitivity to spam, a mailing campaign that falls short, in terms of design, distribution and message, reduces business possibilities and relegates future messages to the spam folder.

eMail Marketing

For this reason, at Artistica Studios we strive to create email marketing campaigns with precision and persuasion, which help you attract your target, increase traffic, generate sales and retain customers.

In addition, it is a much cheaper strategy than traditional marketing methods and, in fact, you can get better results.

Email marketing campaigns can be up to twenty times more profitable than many other marketing methods, which means that you are reaching a wider audience at a lower cost.

At Artistica Studios we not only help you run email programs, but we bring experience and innovation to your email marketing and we offer strategic recommendations so that it becomes one of your main income generating channels.

How eMail Marketing will achieve the loyalty of your audience

Email marketing is an incredibly effective way to inform people about existing services, product launches, events, newsletters, promotions, etc.

Where other marketing methods fall short, email marketing builds loyalty and converts.

eMailing Campaigns

Email has an expansive reach that can reach many people faster than other traditional marketing methods, capturing the attention of your target audience on their own phones, computers, and tablets within minutes of sending an email.

In other words, email marketing allows you to communicate with your user list at the touch of a button.

The objectives of a campaign can vary widely, from brand awareness and company news to promotional offers and lead generation.

In either case, email marketing offers you a valuable opportunity to reach your qualified audience with relevant and easily actionable information.

From Artistica Studios we can affirm that, without a doubt, email marketing continues to be an especially efficient way for growth on the Internet.

Therefore, your business must have an experienced partner to help you discover new ways to expand your brand on the web and to accompany you in the planning, creation and execution of all those email marketing campaigns that your business needs.

Our work in eMailing design

Take a look at our creative portfolio to see how we help enhance our clients’ image with professional design.

How we develop your eMailing Campaigns

From the beginning, our email marketing team works hands-on with you to develop, improve, and expand your email channel through segmentation, personalization, and advanced targeting.

At the same time, we make sure that all your emails are displayed correctly under each type of operating system and browser, and we develop templates using HTML and CSS that bring together the technical aspects and provide the required optimization.

An email marketing campaign allows us to effectively track opportunities for your business with a quick analysis response time.

That means after 48 hours, we can analyze most campaigns to see crucial metrics, including click-through rates, open rates, and bounce rates.

At Artistica Studios we work as your email marketing advisor to create and develop campaigns that will open up new ways to engage your audience and customers.

We fully develop campaigns and manage end-to-end operations, using the latest industry trends, the latest tools, and our proven methods to create scalable email campaigns, including all strategy, automation and measurement with reports and analysis.

Tools and technology we recommend:

Have you thought about how to approach your marketing for electronic mail?

Contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

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