Google Shopping Campaigns

Do you know how Google Shopping can increase the ROI of your ecommerce?

Google Shopping campaigns are an essential element in the digital marketing efforts of all ecommerce companies.

These campaigns help improve your brand’s visibility on the results page for relevant product searches, but Google Shopping campaigns can be complex to set up and manage, especially if you are inexperienced with Google Ads.

Google Shopping Campaigns

That is why we offer Google Shopping campaigns as part of our search engine marketing services.

We know that product listing campaigns on Google Shopping are an excellent platform for ecommerce companies to reach more audiences and attract potential customers.

At Artística Studios we develop custom product feeds that include complete product details, high resolution images, specific field attributes, and engaging promotional text.

We measure your results and work to make sure your Google Shopping campaigns are performing well right out of the box to help you increase your online visibility.

How Google Shopping will increase your sales

Powerful and versatile, Google Shopping offers a variety of campaign options that can help your ecommerce achieve specific goals.

From getting higher sales volume to detailed and more specific options like promoting new products and discounts.

Google Shopping campaigns can seem deceptively simple; however, in today’s highly competitive marketplace, simply following standard best practices will not be enough to maximize your return on investment. Unless you work with an agency with Google Shopping experience, your company is likely to drop money along the way.

One of the most common mistakes we see in managing Google Shopping ads is an inefficient bidding strategy that treats all products and keywords equally.

This results in campaigns that spend too much money on low-performing and high-cost keywords, and not enough on keywords that have the highest profit potential.

As a specialized Google advertising agency, we can help you put this versatile online marketplace to work for your business, where we help you sell your products by developing and executing strategy-driven campaigns that are optimized to increase conversions while reducing cost per conversion.

Would you like to advertise your products on the Google Shopping grid?

Contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

How we develop your Google Shopping Campaigns

As an agency with experience in Google Ads, we know all the tips and tricks to make Google Shopping work for your business.

Our Google Shopping campaign management includes skillful use of Single Product Ad Groups (SPAGs) to provide your catalog with a precise and controlled bidding structure.

We also run retargeting campaigns toward customers who have already shown interest in your brand and your products, while minimizing wasteful and inefficient spending elsewhere.

We start by structuring the campaign by levels, otherwise a surprising amount of money can be lost on inefficient and messy structures.

Google Shopping Advertising

It’s easy for offers and budgets to get stranded from value and ROI, critical data and information to get lost in clutter, and you can end up wasting a lot of time and money chasing ad placements for product listings that don’t generate sales.

Our intention is to put that knowledge to work for you from the beginning. We will use our experience in managing Ads to configure Google Shopping campaigns with efficient and optimized structures.

Shopping Advertising Campaigns

We keep bids low for generic terms, while prioritizing the most relevant ones and focusing spending on areas designed to give you the best possible competitive advantage.

To ensure you get complete visibility into your various campaigns and their performance, we will prioritize a clear, intuitive, and funnel-like campaign structure.

At Artistica Studios we will take care of the complete administration of your ads, using our experience and familiarity with the Google system to maximize your results, increase sales and grow your ecommerce as you have always done.

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