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Are your text ad campaigns not reflecting the strengths of your offering?

Display advertising on social media and online platforms is a profitable way to achieve great results, although seeking a great reward can come with great risk.

With the myriad of targeting, location and offering options available, the wrong choices can result in hundreds of wasted euros in a matter of days or even hours.

Customers need an average of 7-9 clicks to convert to a sale. That is why all campaigns should use remarketing with a persuasive banner display design that allows them to retrieve previous visitors who did not convert the first time.

Banners Display Design

On the other hand, for customers who already know your business and are familiar with your offering, remarketing builds trust and keeps your brand fresh in the minds of your audience.

To make display advertising a profitable channel for your business, you need the right partner that focuses their results on real ROI.

The Artistica Studios team can help you bring your digital advertising campaign to success, and from ad creation to targeting optimization and analytics evaluation, we have managed large and small advertising campaigns obtaining profitable results on the Google Ads Display Network.

How a Display campaign will significantly increase your CTR

An optimized display banner campaign is an effective sales funnel that will increase the reach of your brand.

Banners Display Creation

There are different standard sizes of banners that, placed on web pages related to your industry, will be able to capture and stimulate the interest of your target and will serve as a direct link to your home page or desired service.

It will be an excellent way to increase the performance of your website by providing an optimal experience to both new users and your returning visitors.

The display banner design used in the main Internet portals is animated and it has its reason: a dynamic and well-designed banner can always attract more clicks than an image that remains stationary.

For this reason, and to achieve a higher conversion of your campaigns, we develop animated banners with highly visual and interactive messages that capture the attention of the viewer.

Our experts can design static banners in popular formats like JPG, but we specialize in creating state-of-the-art animated banners and high-quality GIF transitions, with moving logos and file-lightening vector designs.

Our work in Display Banners design

Take a look at our creative portfolio to see how we help enhance our clients’ image with professional design.

How we develop your Display Banner Campaigns

For a display advertising campaign to be effective, you need to know exactly who you are trying to convert based on their demographics, behaviors, and the sites they visit.

At Artistica Studios we break down and analyze your target audience before designing the ads, and we determine the best combination of keywords and placements on the network through which to show them.

Once your Display Network ad campaign is up and running, we monitor the results for areas for improvement and optimize accordingly, implement tracking codes on each of your display ads, and set up the integration with your CRM sales systems for the correct attribution of potential customers.

You can’t create a successful Display banner design without a plan in advance.

With our help you will develop a comprehensive strategy for your campaign based on business goals, and after determining the best display networks and publishers to help you reach your target audience, we set up the account and craft the optimal display advertising campaign to drive your business to success.

Google Display Icons
Tools we recommend:

Would you like to increase visibility and relevance among your target audience?

Contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

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