We are Artistica Studios, a Graphic Communication and Digital Marketing creative agency

We know that finding an effective marketing agency can be a real headache.

These days, it’s hard to walk down the street without bumping into a “marketer” who knows all about positioning and social media.

At Artistica Studios we want to go a little further: protect your business and offer you guarantees. We are not experts in everything, but thanks to our long experience and the need to continue evolving, we can help digitally minded companies take their business to the next level and connect with their target audience.

We believe in effective design and we are fully dedicated to creating projects that work for you and your clients.

Whether you are starting a new business and need a logo and website to connect with your target, or if you are an established company that needs to evolve to the next level, we have the talent, skill set and experience to collaborate with success with you and take your business to new heights.

If you are looking for a new digital marketing and creative design agency, Artistica Studios will be where your brand will take flight. We create extraordinary value for our clients by connecting business strategy and creative execution.

Ready to fly above your competition?
We convert visitors into customers

Digital marketing

We offer 360 digital marketing services with creatively directed strategies and professional delivery for those companies that want fewer problems and more results.

Your digital marketing strategy doesn’t just depend on an effective and stable website. It covers content production, SEO, social media, and much more. We can help you design a strategy to market your product or service on all digital channels and always with your target in focus.

Creative Agency
Web Design Agency
Quick and easy sites to index

Websites design

We see a lot of websites that look good and accomplish nothing. We can show you what works and what doesn’t, what your competitors are doing, and help you outperform them.

We have the in-house ability to design and build very fast and search engine optimized WordPress websites. You don’t need to interact with several different agencies to order everything. Save time, hassle and budget!

Creatives with a clear vision

Graphic design and communication

Your business needs more than a polished logo to compete in an increasingly digital market.

Our corporate branding projects are strategically targeted and help you create a strong and meaningful foundation for your brand. Whether you need creative input or strategic advice, we can help you enhance your brand to gain exposure, reach new markets, and increase sales. We will keep you at the forefront without burning your bread!

Comunication Agency

The benefits of working with Artistica Studios

We are privately owned, fiercely independent, and driven by efficiency and ROI. If you need a team that can help you with strategy and process, that’s us.

We do everything at home. We do not outsource anything. That means we can deliver better results with tailored budgets.

And don’t worry, we don’t employ account managers. You will always deal with someone who knows what are talking about, not someone who has to ask other people and then come back to you (a few weeks later).

The agency, located in Barcelona, was born in 2006 with the aim of creating a space to share ideas, reflect and experiment with them from all disciplines where design and marketing are applicable, with a diversity of perspectives and always working with the latest analysis and graphic creation technologies..

Do you want to know how to improve your communication?

Contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

Clients who have trusted our work

Throughout many years, and through our participatory approach, we have provided services to very small and very large organizations, actively collaborating in the process and development of their communication projects.

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